Bianco Hopkins enjoys a repeat business rate of over 95% and has an impressive track record of delivering training that works—on time, within budget, and with easy acceptance. Our clients— medium and large companies and organizations come from a wide range of industry disciplines, and include:
client list

  • ADP
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Express
  • AT&T
  • BellSouth
  • Computer Associates
  • Deloitte & Touche
  • Emory University – Rollins School of Public Health/ Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium
  • Ernst & Young
  • GE Capital
  • The Home Depot®
  • IBM
  • McKessonHBOC
  • NASA
  • Navision Software
  • Panasonic Mexico
  • The State of Georgia
  • The State of Vermont
  • ThinkSmart Performance Systems
  • U.S. Army Infantry School
  • Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel


Need to transform SMEs to trainers?

"While Vice President of Support and Education at Navision Software U.S., we engaged Bianco Hopkins to elevate the presentation skills of our staff. The support staff for Navision is a senior group made up of CPAs, CMAs, former business owners, and professional project managers. In other words, they're an experienced and highly professional group. To keep our classroom training fresh and interesting, these people were rotated into roles as classroom instructors. To establish a baseline for everyone, as well as improve the skills needed to successfully lead classes, we embraced the Bianco Hopkins program on presentation."

"The results were astounding. Our staff felt energized and much more confident in front of a classroom. They possessed the product knowledge going in, but the difficulty is always in a successful knowledge transfer. By utilizing the BHA teaching principles, our people felt equipped to train their audiences. From the training attendee surveys (especially from those people who had attended previous classes), all commented positively on the noticeable improvement in demeanor, confidence, and classroom management. Perhaps most telling was the improvement in the testing scores for product certification, where knowledge transfer was measured by a near 10% improvement."

Vice President of Support and Education, Navision Software U.S.

What our students have said about our instructor-led training...

  • My overall opinion of this training is very good and the instructors are excellent. I would highly recommend this training to my peers.
  • Course was well-organized and very interesting. I learned a great deal these past few days. I would enthusiastically attend another course taught by either one of these instructors.
  • Instructors were very effective at troubleshooting and explaining problems rather than just fixing them.
  • The instructors are excellent—very thorough understanding of software and their experience shows.
  • Energetic instructors that really know what they are talking about.
  • Motivational instructors with real world examples.

From the HIPAA Program Coordinator at PROMINA about our documentation services...

"Each and every one of Bianco Hopkins' people showed the utmost professionalism, readily adapted to our business culture, demonstrated an impressive ability to quickly learn and apply a difficult subject matter in a difficult environment, provided welcome insight and creative solutions, produced a more than excellent deliverable, and most of all, were enjoyable to work with."

Our performance coaching has been described as...

  • Incredible at helping people see their need to improve, while keeping their self-esteem intact.
  • Much better than traditional presentation skills training.
  • This is a take-charge and motivating program.
  • Now I can present myself in front of a large group without being terrified.
  • I want more training with this coach. I am so much better after just one day.

What’s been said about our instructor effectiveness course...

  • Feedback from the coach exceeds anything that I got from other instructor-led Train-the-Trainer classes.
  • I enjoyed the class and not only learned a great deal about developing presentation skills but also learned a lot about myself.
  • I found the class to be very helpful and well done. The instructors obviously knew the subject matter and I think everyone in the class definitely benefited from the experience. I would highly recommend encouraging others to take the class.
  • The course has given me great new ideas and confidence in myself.
  • Intense course with dynamic instructors.
  • Best training I've ever attended!

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