We know that implementing any company-wide initiative is an enormous task. Bianco Hopkins is ready to help. Over the past twenty years, we've provided training to some of the world's largest companies on their enterprise packages — from custom legacy systems to SAP™, PeopleSoft®, Oracle®, and others.

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Training Strategy

To stay competitive, even the most traditional companies must invest in technology and resources that redefine "business as usual." Too often, companies consider training to be a one-time event rather than a dynamic process of skill development. It's not until upgrades are implemented, attrition occurs, or employees are promoted that leaders recognize the need for a comprehensive training strategy.

At Bianco Hopkins, we prepare companies for the future by providing the big-picture perspective. A strategic training plan will help you answer the following questions:

  • Should we use eLearning?
  • Can we convert existing courses to an eLearning environment?
  • How do we measure ROI for eLearning?
  • Which groups need instructor-led training?
  • Do we need a Learning Management System (LMS)?
  • Which is the right LMS for us?
  • How do we keep managers current on business practices that affect our business?
  • What new tools do our employees need in order to do more with less?

With this century's computer-savvy audiences, eLearning will likely be part of any strategic direction your company takes. It's now considered the cost-effective way to grow and retain your most valuable asset—your employees.

Quality Auditing and Training

Our experience in a wide range of industries and with a variety of quality management systems (such as ISO 9000, QS-9000, and TQM) makes us uniquely qualified to help you meet a quality goal or become registered to a standard. Our Quality Audit Service consists of:

  • Comparing your company's existing quality management system to the quality system you are implementing
  • Performing a gap analysis to identify areas where your system doesn't meet the standard
  • Performing a follow-up audit to help ensure that your updated system meets the new quality standard
  • Training your personnel on:
    • ISO 9000
    • QS-9000
    • TQM (Total Quality Management)
    • Continuous Quality Improvement Techniques
  • Preparing your employees to use your updated quality system

Because we are a consulting firm and not a third-party registrar, we can work with you to fill the gaps in your current system.

LMS Selection

We keep up with the many Learning Management Systems (LMS) on the market today so that we can help you select the best LMS for your business. Our experienced LMS consultants help clients answer questions such as:

  • Why does my organization need an LMS?
  • Which LMSs are the most popular?
  • How much should we spend on an LMS?
  • What strategic training goals would an LMS help us achieve?
  • What are the critical factors in determining the "right" LMS?

If the answers reveal that your organization requires an LMS, we'll create a cost comparison and feature analysis to guide your LMS selection process. And as an objective, third-party expert, we can help you select the LMS that is best for you.

Executive Briefings

We'll conduct Executive Briefings with senior personnel to educate them on the benefits, requirements, and costs of learning. CEOs often don't know because training is not at the forefront of their business day. If you're in charge of training and can't seem to get your message across, we're confident that we can help. In our Executive Briefings, we'll:
  • Define training in bottom-line terms that executives need to know
  • Provide an overview of who's using eLearning, and why
  • Introduce executives to the advantages of blended learning
  • Help executives understand the cost/benefit model for their organization
  • Highlight the internal talent that can help implement a training strategy

staff development

Many of our clients have talented trainers who can help implement their company's training strategy. This is why we offer staff development courses that range from the theoretical to hands-on application. Our instructor-led courses prepare internal trainers to become in-house consultants.

Training Staff Assessment

The truly strategic business decision must be based on information that is both accurate and objective. Bianco Hopkins' consultants provide a thorough assessment of your company's training competencies, and then provide recommendations for:

  • Staff Development
  • Presentation Methodology
  • Mentoring and Cross-Mentoring Programs
  • Material Upgrades
  • Evaluation Programs
  • Certification Programs
  • Reward and Recognition Plans
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Student Critique Programs

By assessing your training organization's leadership, teamwork, and morale, this service provides a foundation for decision-making that saves money, maximizes efficiency, and gets results.

Presentation Coaching

It’s the number one fear of adults, and often the weakest link in a company's communication strategy. Public speaking is not all talent or charisma—it's a skill that can be sharpened to transform your company's average players into power players.

Conducted as a consulting engagement for company leaders, Presentation Coaching offers:

  • On-site workshops for Executives, Managers, IT professionals, and Subject Matter Experts
  • Individualized speaking analysis of each presenter's strengths and weaknesses
  • Peer-review sessions facilitated by experienced coaches
  • Formal improvement plans with individualized techniques for improvement
  • Presentation hotline support following the engagement (at no charge!)

Tailoring our expert coaching to each individual, we offer revolutionary techniques that emphasize the speaker's strengths and minimize any weaknesses. With a written plan of action and hotline support, the program's benefits last well beyond the initial session.

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