Cheat Sheets. Everyone uses them. Notes stuck to the side of your monitor. Frequently used codes on a piece of paper taped to the desk. Useful information at your fingertips on paper.

By using an electronic performance support system the user gets relevant, useful information where they need it, when they need it. No more wasted time searching through online documentation or asking questions via online help.

2Work! EPSS

Bianco Hopkins has been awarded the first VAR Agreement to sell ThinkSmart Performance Systems’ 2Work!™ Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS). 2Work! EPSS is a tool that provides true context-sensitive assistance to the web-based workforce in real-time. Unlike static "Help" tools, 2Work! EPSS guides users by providing assistance for field-level, process-level, and general reference-level information during the normal flow of application use.

View a demo of the 2Work! EPSS. This demo requires the Flash® Player (v 5+).

online documentation

We can convert existing documents to an online format, or we can create new documents online. Bianco Hopkins' online help systems support users by linking a variety of information — from FAQ's to step/action tables, from online glossaries to your company's online policy and procedures manual.

View a sample of online information.

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2Work! EPSS

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