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For two decades, our unique combination of expertise, technology, and integrity has continually set new standards of quality in the training industry. With a full range of training services that includes custom development (instructor-led or web-based), instructor effectiveness, and multilingual instructors, you'll never have to go elsewhere to meet your training needs.

custom development

The question that all adult learners ask is "How does what I'm learning apply to me? To my life? To my job?"

What adults want in a training program are real-life examples that mirror their jobs. They want training that does not simply show how a new program works; they want to know how the company wants them to use it.

At Bianco Hopkins, we are experts at designing effective training for adult learners. Our custom development methods provide training that is:

  • Just right for the audience
  • Inclusive of your business policies and procedures
  • True to life
  • Practical
  • Interesting to the audience

How do we do this? We do it by working with our clients' subject matter experts to choreograph compelling, real-world scenarios that place learners in situations that look, feel, and operate as they will on the job.

One example, taken from our portfolio, is our PeopleSoft® experience. Implementing a company-wide PeopleSoft initiative is an enormous task. Over the past nine years we've provided training for PeopleSoft rollouts to some of the world's largest private and public sector organizations, including HR, Financials and CRM. We can develop completely custom training or we can customize the PeopleSoft End User Training Kit. Read more about our PeopleSoft experience.

View samples of our custom developed training solutions.

instructor-led training

Bianco Hopkins is known for our innovative use of technology. But we also know that sometimes only instructor-led training will do. To complement our technology-delivered training, we staff a team of talented instructors who:

  • Make learning fun
  • Convey complex topics in understandable terms
  • Help learners solve problems
  • Help build teams and boost morale
  • Facilitate organizational change

Our instructors are top professionals and expert communicators with subject matter expertise. The result is intuitive, approachable classroom learning that leaves students confident and ready to tackle their new responsibilities.

We blend the latest technology with proven training methods, so that our innovative instructor-led courses come in a variety of formats. We offer:

  • Instructor Effectiveness Polished instructors enhance your organization's learning experiences. Our train-the-trainer course can benefit instructors with any level of skill and experience, from the new trainer to the experienced veteran.
  • Instructor Performance Improvement Rather than taking instructors out of the classroom, our coaches go to your classrooms to evaluate instructor effectiveness and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, mentor instructors with new teaching techniques, and provide a written plan for long-term improvement.
  • Mini-camp The mini boot camp includes facilitated Instructor Effectiveness sessions followed by participant presentations with coaching on the second day.
  • Web Page Development Using HTML If you maintain your own website, you probably have HTML programmers. Turn your tech-savvy employees into HTML experts with this two-day instructor-led course.
  • Macromedia® Dreamweaver® Our hands-on instructor-led course teaches the common tasks associated with developing an interactive dynamic site using Dreamweaver® software.
  • Macromedia® Flash™ This intensive hands-on introduction teaches the fundamentals of using Flash™ software for animations and interactivity.
  • Introduction to JavaScript™ This instructor-led course is an introduction to the JavaScript programming language and will have your users writing and testing programs by the end of the course.

Web Based training

Cut travel costs, maximize training dollars, save time, leverage intellectual capital, and dissolve geographic boundaries with our online offerings.

Course Conversion

Bianco Hopkins can help you decide which instructor-led or computer-based courses can be delivered via the Web. Before we make any recommendations, we'll assess how ready your organization is for eLearning—philosophically as well as technologically. Our experts will:

  • Determine which parts of existing training are appropriate for web delivery
  • Convert your existing courses so that they can be delivered via your intranet or the Internet
  • Help identify new courseware that could benefit trainees
  • Develop a deployment plan that helps get everyone on board with the new delivery
  • Make sure that the course content is up-to-date and accurate
  • Re-design courses to accommodate the delivery format
  • Work with your instructors to help them adapt to change
  • Deliver finished, web-based courseware

Custom-developed Web Based Training

Generic online courses are excellent for learning many things, but because they're designed for everyone, they don't work well to train you to do your job-specific tasks like:

  • Creating purchase orders using your new ERP system
  • Following up with customers with your "just out of Beta" CRM system
  • Filling out your company's time and expense forms
  • Prepping your sales force on new product information
  • Following your company's safety guidelines
  • Purchasing items using your new ERP system

Using industry-standard instructional design principles, Bianco Hopkins builds eLearning solutions that are as customized as the work you do. View samples of our Web Based training.


Some users are still new to Windows®. Delivered via the Web or CD ROM, our Windows® for New Users™ course simplifies the transition to point and click technology. It is appropriate for users shifting from older systems or for users with no computer experience. This course is best presented as a prerequisite to any new software application training so the users can understand the basics of Windows® and web technologies first.

We've found that the most effective way to administer the course is to have an instructor or coach present while students take the class at their own pace. View a sample of the Windows® for New Users course.

Read more about our Web Based training experience.


Bianco Hopkins & Associates Inc. is honored to receive the Society for Technical Communication's Distinguished Online Communications award for Basics of Tobacco Control - Pathway to Change Web Based training. more >

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